Jump-Start Your Career with our
CMA Scholarship!

PRC is offering the following scholarships for the CMA program for the Spring 2020 live courses.

  1. PRC Exam Review Plus Scholarship: 2 seats
    Free PRC CMA question bank, mock exam, e-books, virtual course.
  2. PRC Exam Review Scholarship: 3 seats
    Free PRC CMA question bank, mock exam, e-books.
  3. PRC Powersup Scholarship: 5 seats
    Free PRC CMA question bank, mock exam.

The best 10 applicants will be selected based on GPA and academic accomplishments.

Who can apply?

  • Current students in a Bachelor or Master’s program or*
  • Fresh graduates from a Bachelor or Master’s program. Graduation date is within 12 months of the application date.

Required documents

  • Students: Proof of registration, certificate, student ID, etc..*
  • Academics: Proof of current employment in a university in an academic position.

Note: The scholarship does not include the IMA’s membership fees, the CMA entrance fee, nor CMA exam fees.

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Are you a student or academic?

*University students have the opportunity to become our Campus Representatives and benefit from additional support.

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